8 Bass Guitar Accessories to Get The Most Out of Your Bass

You are probably a beginner that just got a new bass guitar and you want bass guitar accessories to get the most out of your guitar. Well, you came to the right place!

Accessories are always great to make your product experience better, that’s why we spent some time researching the most helpful bass guitar accessories out there.

Hope you enjoy!

Bass Guitar Accessories List

1. Bass Tuner

A tuner is always needed. Whether you are playing bass or guitar you need to make sure your notes aren’t too flat or sharp. A tuner lets you know if your bass is in tune. All you have to do is strum a string and let the tuner pick up the frequencies and it will let you know if your notes are too sharp, too flat, or just right. This one might be one of the most obvious must-haves!

2. Bass Stand

Your bass needs a little bit of care. You definitely can’t just leave it laying around in an unsafe place. That’s why It’s probably best to get a bass stand for it and keep it in a designated spot so it stays in better shape for longer.

3. Bass Straps

Most beginners practice while they’re sitting down including me. When you become more advanced you have to learn how to play when you’re standing. Jamming while standing is almost impossible without straps. Your arms will get tired in seconds. Do your arms a favor and get straps!

4. Bass Amps and Pedals

Amps and pedals are machines that you can connect to a bass guitar to amplify or configure the sound of the bass. It’s extremely fun to play around with and sometimes needed when you’re out on a gig. If you are interested in getting headphones with your amp check out our other page on headphones for guitar amps.

There are tons of amps you can buy, so its hard to just pick 3. check out our page on best cheap guitar amps and decide there.

5. Bass Finger Strengthener

I remember when I was a beginner my fingers were so delicate. Even after ten minutes of playing my fingers would hurt. As time went by my fingers got stronger and were able to handle the strings for longer. A finger strengthener is something great to help your fingers get stronger. It will definitely help you adapt to the strings better and faster as a beginner.

Gripmaster Finger Strengthener

D'Addario Finger Stregnthener

Prohands Finger Strengthener

6. Bass Case

If you are not the type to get a bass stand I understand, but you need some time of protection! Another option would be to get yourself a case. If you want your new bass to last you need to keep it in good shape. You can’t just leave it out unprotected.

Ernie Ball Bass Strings

D'Addario Bass Strings

7. Bass Cables

If you wanna connect your bass to an amp or pedal your gonna need a cable. Humanity isn’t at the level where we can connect basses and amps through Bluetooth yet so cables will do for now.

8. Bass Strings

It’s always great to have a spare set of strings. It’s the worst when one of your strings breaks and you need to wait for new ones to come in.

Bass Strings on Amazon and Sweetwater


So, you just got yourself a new guitar and You wanna get the most out of it. It’s so exciting, but calm down! Only get what you think will truly help you. Don’t buy what you don’t need. You can refer to this page when deciding which accessories you need and which you don’t need. Some accessories are a must while others are just nice to have.

P.S make sure the accessories you are about to buy are compatible with your bass.

If you don’t even have a bass guitar and are still deciding whether you want bass or guitar check out our page bass vs guitar.

Hope you enjoyed!

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