7 Microphone Accessories

A Microphone is a great piece of technology; however, it’s hard to do the job alone. That’s why most successful studios are packed with microphone accessories so they can get the best use out of their microphones. Microphone accessories in this list can either make the vocals come out just a bit more clear or they can simply make your life easier when dealing with your microphone. What I’m trying to say is, microphone accessories are needed!

I spent some time compiling a list of microphone accessories you would need and as a vocal engineer I am pretty familiar with what accessories you do and don’t need. With the time a spent recording, I found these products to be the most helpful microphone accessories.

With that said, see our list on microphone accessories that everyone MUST have! Enjoy.

Microphone Accessories List

1. Mic Stand

To get a mic stand is a no brainer. Mic stands make your life easier from the fact that you don’t have to carry it while trying to record. Aside from making your life easier it als prevents quality errors. If someone were to hold a microphone, the microphone will pick up the slightest of movements and believe me you wouldn’t want that interrupting your mixes. That’s why a mic stand is one of the most needed microphone accessories.

Some options for you on Amazon

BILIONE Microphone Stand

KDD Microphone Stand

InnoGear Microphone Arm

2. Shockmount

A shockmount is something screwed on a mic stand with strings and a metal case that is supposed to hold the microphone. The purpose of this is to prevent any contact with the microphone. Like mentioned before, microphones are able to pick up any contact. So to further prevent this, the microphone is placed in a shock mount which uses strings as suspension to hold the microphone. With that, you shouldnt need to worry about any slight contact to the mic while recording.

Some options for you on Amazon

Boseen Shockmount

ZRAMO Shockmount

Boseen Shockmount

3. Pop Filter

A pop filter is a magnifying glass looking item that is supposed to be placed right in front of the microphone. The cloth it has is meant to break up any build-ups of air caused by the “B” or “P” sounds. Without this you will hear loud thumps in your recordings, nobody wants that. That’s why this is a key microphone accessory.

Some options for you on Amazon

Aokeo Pop Filter

Lilaliwa Pop Filer

Yotto Pop Filter

4. Acoustic Isolation

Usually a room is supposed to be treated with acoustic panels. The foam on these boards are used to absorb sounds bouncing off the walls and to prevent those sounds from getting into your recording. You can go buy acoustic panels right now if you are ready to do that. But, a temporary alternative to that would be to get an acoustic isolation stand. It’s basically acoustic foam panels except they aren’t on the walls rather they’re surrounding the microphone to absorb any sound bouncing off the walls.

Some options for you on Amazon

Auray Accoustic Isolation

Moukey Accoustic Isolation

Marisflo Accoustic Isolation

5. Foam Head

A foam head is the same idea as the foam panels, it’s used to absorb any unwanted sounds. Its placed right on top of the microphone.

Some options for you on Amazon

Mudder Foam Head

Youshares Foam Head

Sunmon Foam Head

6. XLR Cables

Most microphones operated through XLR cables. So if you wanna get your audio from your microphone to your computer you’re gonna wanna get an XLR.
But before you buy this cable make sure it’s compatible with your microphone. In some cases you might need XLR male to female or XLR to USB.

Some options for you on Amazon

Cable Matters XLR Cable

Amazon Basics XLR Cable

Mikiz XLR Cable

7. Mic Case

This one is pretty self explanatory. Mic cases help prevent any damage to your mic, helps you be mobile with your mic and simply helps you be organized. That’s why I included this one in my list of microphone accessories.

Some options for you on Amazon

Youshares Mic Case

Casematix Mic Case

Casematix Mic Case


Great! You got a microphone but you still need a few more things to make your recording setup complete. So whenever you are ready to buy, refer back to this list and get everything you can afford. Trust me these microphones accessories are worth it. 

P.S. some of the products I linked to include other products on this list (for example: a mic stand that I linked to might already come with a pop filter). So make sure you don’t buy anything you don’t need.

Also, make sure the microphone accessories I link to are compatible with your microphone.

If you didn’t even get a microphone yet check out our page on 2 popular microphones, Shure MV7 vs Shure SM7B.

Hope you enjoyed!

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