10 Songs About Harry Styles

Did you know there are 10 songs written specifically about Harry Styles?

It is well known that Harry Styles used to date Taylor Swift. What people don’t know is that in some of Taylor’s songs, she hints to us a couple of things about their relationship. Here are 10 songs about Harry Styles

1. “Style”

This song is obviously about Harry Styles. Taylor talks about their rocky relationship and how when it kept failing she knew it wasn’t the complete end, that there were still feelings there. She also describes him in a few lyrics; “you got that James Dean daydream look in your eye” if that doesn’t describe Harry what does? “you’ve got that long hair slick back, white t-shirt”, Harry has long, slick hair and how many times has he worn a white t-shirt in the past. There’s also the name correlation.

2. “Wonderland”

In this one, she mentions his green eyes again and his treacherous cat’s smile. The song is about how they connected and went down a dating path that was exciting yet anxiety-filled because of the public.

3. “I Know Places”

Harry and Taylor went on a famous date in Central Park where she was photographed wearing a Fox sweater. In this one, she sings “they are the hunters we are the foxes” which is also a reference to the media who were trying to rip them apart which caused them to hide. She also mentions his green eyes.

4. “How You Get The Girl”

Taylor said this one is about a guy who broke up with her and wanted to date around but then realized what they had and went back, but he was 6 months too late. Harry was seen kissing models in early 2012 when they were supposedly secretly dating so he was cheating on her but then went back. Taylor explained how in this song the guy must do all those things to win her over.

5. “Clean”

Taylor said that she wrote this song when she was in London a while after her relationship with someone (Harry) has ended and realized she had been in the same city as him. Harry lived in London. The song as a whole is about finally getting clarity.

6. “I Wish You Would”

This song is about how they stayed friends after their relationship.

7. “Wildest Dreams”

While being interviewed she said this song was about how she would go into a relationship hoping it’d work out, but if it didn’t she hoped that person would think of her well. Harry has mirrored these lyrics in his songs ‘Olivia‘ and ‘walking in the wind’.

8. “Out Of The Woods”

This song was inspired by a snowmobile accident Harry and Taylor got into in Utah. She also tried to make the song portray the anxiety she had throughout the relationship and how the media was trying to tear them apart. The infamous lyric “two paper airplanes flying” is a reference to the paper airplane necklaces they both wore.

9. “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

In an interview she said this song was inspired by a dream where her ex came to the door asking for a second chance and all she could say was stay. I’m not certain this song is about him but it most likely is considering they broke up multiple times in their relationship.

10. “ This Love”

This song was the first one she wrote on the album. She mentioned that it’s about when you care about the person enough in the relationship to let them go, if the timing is right they’ll come back.

Finally ! the message of these songs has been uncovered. Hope you enjoyed it!

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