Piano Block

The Piano Block

The Piano block allows you to play the piano with the buttons you have on the keyboard in front of you. Weather you are trying to get a melody down or just trying to have fun this piano block has got you covered



The slider on the top left allows you to configure its volume.


This button (Which is located to the right of the volume slider) allows you to reset any changes you made to the piano block.

Octave Offset

Your computer isn’t long enough for the piano block to fit in so many keys. Thats why the piano block made buttons for you to access the higher or lower keys. If you want to go an octave or 2 lower, just press the – (1 or 2), if you wanna go higher press the +(1 or 2).


The piano block doesn’t just give off piano sounds. It has a lot more different instrument to choose from. Just press the dropdown below, select the instrument and start playing.

Sustain Pedal

It can sound pretty dead and ugly when notes are cut short. Thats why piano block gives you the option of using a sustain pedal. Sustain is what gives duration to each note. It sounds great!

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